Lantern Light, New Orleans

Pictured above, Sister Vera Butler with Hunter Harris.

Submitted by Katherine Fennell

The gala, Strolling Through New Orleans, a fundraiser supporting Lantern Light Ministry giving creative expression to the history of New Orleans cuisine, took place on June 2, 2023. Recipients of the Nano Nagle Service Award were recognized and celebrated.

This year’s recipients were Hunter Harris and Donna Foley. Hunter has used his culinary skills as a volunteer at Lantern Light, serving those in need for almost 20 years.  He has also served as a board member. Donna has volunteered with Lantern Light for more than 15 years. She is dedicated to the Food Bank program which she has coordinated since Sr. Anna Raimon (New Windsor) retired in 2014. Donna also assists with the morning snacks and lunch program. She has also served on the Board. Volunteering and promoting the program at Lantern Light is for Donna a way of life.

Sisters Patricia O’Sullivan, Vera Butler, Philippa Wall and I (Katherine Fennell) had the opportunity to support the event and be present to celebrate with the honored guests.

During this event I felt proud to be a Presentation sister and happy that we were involved in establishing the ministry. The director, Kenitha Grooms-Williams, has her entire family involved in the program. They are all ambassadors for the mission of Nano and Presentation Sisters and a living example that “the charism of Nano is gifted to those who have it.”  The program, staff, volunteers, and those served at Lantern Light witness to a lived multi-cultural experience and situation. Barriers are gradually disappearing there!

It also gave me courage that the ministry begun by Presentation Sisters will survive beyond us and carry the legacy into the future. Lantern Light is living up to its mission which was proudly stated in the event flyer “as a collaborative ministry project that was established by the Conference of Presentation Sisters of North America in 2005 to serve those in need in the city of New Orleans. As an organization that serves with a small staff, a host of volunteers, and a big heart, Lantern Light provides an array of services that help our guests maintain who they are, build on who they can become, and advance their aspirations and goals for a better life.”

The spirit is alive at Lantern Light New Orleans, and I encourage you to support it as it continues the legacy and the ministry begun by us, the Conference of Presentation Sisters.