Legacy Lives On: City of Aberdeen Provides Anchor to Presentation Campus 

The Presentation College campus is poised to begin an exciting new chapter through a partnership with the city of Aberdeen.

In recent months, a partnership with the city of Aberdeen and its Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department was formed to guarantee that the College campus and its facilities will continue to benefit the community even after its tenure as home to Presentation College. The city will acquire a significant portion of the Sisters’ campus, encompassing the Strode Center, the dome, soccer field and the northeast parcel of undeveloped land.

“These properties will help us continue to improve quality of life in Aberdeen by allowing us to expand our commitment to providing year-round recreational opportunities to everyone in the community,” said Mayor Travis Schaunaman. “The Sisters have been integral to the success of Aberdeen and I’m glad that we’re able to help them perpetuate their legacy for generations to come.”

We are grateful for the city’s partnership. “Our congregation has a long tradition of partnering with others to enhance the quality of life for all the people of Aberdeen. We found a strong, reliable partner in Mayor Schaunaman and are grateful that children of all socio-economic status will have access to these resources for years to come. Both the city of Aberdeen and the Sisters value being inclusive as a pathway of being in right relationship with all people,” said Sister Mary Thomas, congregational president.

Together, may we carry forward the legacy of Nano Nagle, perpetuating a tradition that offers opportunities, hope and compassion for all.