Light Bearers in San Francisco Outreach to Homeless

The Year of Mercy has inspired the Light Bearers Primary Unit to do outreach to the men and women who are homeless in San Francisco. In the past six months, two car loads of sisters and associates have gone out twice to the Tenderloin, Civic Center and Mission Street areas of San Francisco where those made poor and homeless gather. These areas often get very cold even in the summer time. They gave out noodle soup cups, socks, wool caps, scarfs and baggies of cough drops.

“They are so grateful!” says Sister Rosina Conrotto. “They never take more than they need. They are quick to point out, ‘I do not need socks, but that person over there may need socks.’” She says, “It is good to remember that homeless man or woman was once someone’s little boy or little girl.”

Near Saint Boniface Catholic Church in the Tenderloin, Sister Kathy Sickly met Charlie who was very grateful, just like everyone else, for the offerings. He was carving an angel with wings and a heart center in a soap bar. She asked him if he sold the carving and he said yes. When Sister Kathy handed him a five-dollar bill, Charlie told her, “Every woman needs an angel and this is your reminder.” She says the angel now occupies a special place in her room. Sister Kathy explains,“We receive more than we give.”

Sister Rosina says, “Their primary unit has named a piggy bank Genny for generous. Genny collects funds at every gathering, so they will be able to go out again with more goodies for the men and women who are homeless in San Francisco.”