New Windsor Sisters Meet Nuns on the Bus

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New Windsor Sisters Barbara King and Virginia Wilkinson

On Sunday, July 24 Sisters Barbara King and Virginia Wilkinson drove to Holy Family Monastery in West Hartford, Connecticut, to meet the Nuns on the Bus. About 200 people from all walks of life filled the dining room areas to welcome Sister Simone Campbell and the sisters who had traveled the last lap of an historic bus trip across country to the Republican and Democratic conventions. The tour focused on promoting policies that mend the gaps and bridge the divides in our country, with a special focus on the policies that disproportionately impact women and people of color.

The two-hour event in West Hartford focused on “process.” We looked at tax justice, living wages, family-friendly workplaces, access to democracy (voting), access to healthcare, access to citizenship (immigration reform), and access to housing. To get more information, go to

We were happy to connect with Dubuque Presentation Sister Richelle Friedman, director of Public Policy at the Coalition on Human Needs in Washington, DC, who was also on the bus. Of course, we purchased Sister Simon’s book, A Nun on the Bus, and were delighted that she signed it for us. Last, but not least, we proudly added our names to the hundreds that already had been placed on the side of the bus! The Hartford Courant sent reporters and photographers to the event and two New Yorkers made their way into photos in this Connecticut newspaper! Go to to read the entire article.

The Nuns on the Bus route took them to many American cities, Rochester, New York, among them. If anyone was able to go to an event in any other city, please send the photo or some comments so that we can include them on our Facebook page.