San Francisco: Sister Awarded as Social Justice Hero

On Tuesday, July 26, 2016, Sister Marilyn Medau received the Saint Mary’s Center Social Justice Hero Award in Oakland, California. The plaque she received proclaimed:

This Award Goes To Sister Marilyn For The Critical Support She Has Given To Saint Mary’s Center’s Senior Advocate For Hope And Justice Project And For Being The Change We Want To See In Our Community.
July 20, 2016.

Sister Marilyn says, “The recognition is extra special because it comes from the seniors of the Hope and Justice Project of Saint Mary’s Center.”  The San Francisco Sister adds,It is the culmination of 20 years of service.”

Sister Marilyn has accompanied Saint Mary’s elders, some of whom are homeless. They have traveled to Sacramento many times to advocate for Social Security refunds and to be part of Anti-Hunger Day, etc. They have also attended many Oakland city council meetings. Each month, they are part of the Cease Fire Walk around the neighborhood in Oakland.

Congratulations Sister Marilyn! It is no surprise to us because we know the way you live your life as a Presentation woman of justice.