San Francisco: Un-bee-lievable Hospitality

by Sister Rita Jovick

On the evening of May 24, 2019, the Sisters of the Presentation, San Francisco extended their spirit of hospitality to 15,000 unique new residents. For the next several months, the beautiful chapel garden in the center of the motherhouse will be home to a colony of bees and their beehive.

The bees were relocated to the garden from their former home on the nearby grounds of the University of San Francisco. The grounds are currently being renovated to make way for a new student housing building. Not wanting to disrupt the bees any more than necessary during the construction process, the University began looking for a new home for the hive and were delighted when the Sisters eagerly agreed to take them in. The beekeepers, Joe Murphy and Craig Peterson, carefully brought the bees from the building site to the garden and ensured they had everything they needed to feel at home. Over the coming months, the sisters will have the advantage of watching this awesome work of nature as the bees come and go amongst the flowers and will also be the lucky recipients of the fresh honey produced through the bees’ labors.