San Francisco Welcomes New Associates

Nanette Lee Wilson and Julie Merrill were received this past June as Presentation Associates at the Sisters of the Presentation 2018 Assembly in San Francisco. They shared with us their call to association.

Nanette Lee Wilson continues to be compelled by the charism of Nano Nagle to help the marginalized. She volunteers every other Wednesday at San Francisco’s Most Holy Redeemer homeless suppers as a sous chef. Sit-down dinners, featuring a four-course meal, are served once a week. Showers and clothing are also available. Nanette is also the chair of the Sisters of the Presentation Community Trust. This board works with the sisters on providing financial oversight of the trust. Nanette is active on various committees of the Archdiocese of San Francisco and San Francisco non-governmental organizations. She served for 16 years on the board of Catholic Charities Catholic Youth Organization San Francisco.

Julie Merrill had admired Sister Marilyn Medau and her social justice work for quite some time. They worked together at Saint Mary’s Center in Oakland. One day, they began talking about faith and Julie shared her yearning to deepen her faith. Sister Marilyn told her about the Presentation Associates. Julie requested information and she was contacted by Kay Sweeney and Tina Costa of the inquirer’s committee. After meeting and talking with them, Julie knew she wanted to pursue being an associate. The inquirer’s classes invited her to learn about the inspiring life and charism of Nano Nagle, to meet many of the sisters living in the Motherhouse and to learn about the social justice programs. Most importantly, Julie felt the welcoming, loving and compassionate spirit of the congregation, where she felt able to participate in partnership with the community to carry out Nano’s vision.

If you would like to join Nanette and Julie and the rest of the Presentation Associates, contact Kay Sweeney or Tina Costa at We would love to have you!