Sisters are like Our Godmothers

Above, Father Kyle Metzger, principle; Bishop John Folda; Father William Slattery, chaplain; and Sisters Jan Ihli, Lorraine Schmaltz and Roselima D’Costa.

Catholic Schools Week in Fargo, N.D., was celebrated with children, teachers, clergy, families and sisters at a special Mass on February 3 at Sacred Heart Middle School/Shanley High School.

Seeing the children and feeling all that young energy around me, my mind went back to my high school years and graduation at Shanley High school over 60 years ago, then later teaching in our Catholic schools.  Catholic Schools Week always had a “we are proud to be a Catholic school” feeling to it. Sisters Jan, Roselima, and I, Lorraine, were the only sisters available to join the liturgy and were honored to bring up the gifts.

President Mike  Hagstrom reminded everyone that this was the 20th year celebrating Catholic schools Mass in this gym. I remember the celebration in the first Shanley that was close to our convent. I wondered where all these children will be and what they will remember 60 years from now.

Bishop John Fulda, the presider, acknowledged us sisters present thanking the Presentation Sisters for beginning the schools. Bishop Fulda concluded his message with saying, “the sisters are like our godmothers!”