Union: Newfoundland – Special Birthdays Hold Excitement & Anxiety

Helen BonicaOn Wednesday, April 20, 2016, Sister Helen Bonia celebrated her 100th birthday.

April 20 brought a blizzard more powerful than any we had experienced during the winter months. Early morning preparations were colored with anxiety and doubts that the activities could take place. However, at 11:00 a.m., the chaplain, leadership team, family members had all successfully braved the storm and the celebratory Mass began. It was followed by a delicious dinner.

At 2:00p.m., a special gathering was held. Sister Sharon Fagan, provincial leader, offered congratulations and best wishes on behalf of the sisters and associates of the province.

Ms. Jacqueline Small, director of human resources, presented good wishes from our staff. Two of the motherhouse  co-ordinators, Sisters Clo Martin and Doris Walsh, read the greetings from her majesty the queen, our governor general, our prime minister, other provincial and federal politicians, the archbishop and our city mayor. This was followed by the cutting of a cake and a large amount of goodies with a cup of tea.

Sister Helen ended the day with a grateful heart, not only for the blessings of the day but those of a lifetime. Helen, a Presentation Sister for the past 81 years, shared her gifs and talents as a teacher and principal and pastoral assistant throughout these years.

Barbara Tobin 105th Birthday CakewebThe following day, April 21, Sister Barbara Tobin celebrated her 105th birthday. Barbara is fully aware that she has outlived all family members and sisters in our province.

Again we celebrated a Mass of thanksgiving and a fantastic dinner in her honor. Barbara’s gentle and abundant words of thanks touched hearts!  Barbara, a Presentation Sister for 84 years, offered her gifts and talents in providing hospitality and nurturing for the sisters in many of our communities throughout her lifetime.

These remarkable celebrations of life invited all of us to reflect on the precious gift of life as well as the unique contribution of each sister in the life of our community!