Union: US – Holy Angels Parish Celebrates 100 Years

Four pioneering Presentation Sisters went to Holy Angels Parish, Globe, Arizona in 1956 from Crosshaven, County Cork, Ireland, at the invitation of the associate pastor, Father Pat Callanan. The school opened in temporary quarters with three grades but grew at the rate of a grade a year. Crosshaven showed admirable missionary zeal in sending sisters to staff the new grades as needed, so that by 1961 the community numbered nine sisters. Hundreds of children availed of Catholic education and the other parish ministries provided by the sisters until 2010.

Sister Breda Christopher attended the Centennial Celebration of the Launching Celebration for the 100th year dedication of the Holy Angels Parish Church on September 29, 2017, and shares her reflection of the experience.

It was indeed a wonderful evening of celebration which began with a beautiful liturgy with Bishop Kicanas, bishop of Tucson, presiding, accompanied by 12 priests, among them some former pastors of Holy Angels. During his homily the bishop paid special tribute to all of the Presentation Sisters who ministered at Holy Angels for almost 50 years.

The Pastor, Father Arnold, also thanked all of the Presentation Sisters and, to my amazement, asked me to stand (even though I had never met him!). He obviously had done some research. Mentioning the years during which I served in Globe, he thanked me for my years at Holy Angels School and for the years I served as a parish sister when I established a faith formation program from kindergarten to adult which included an active youth group and RCIA. I received a standing ovation with the bishop and clergy joining in the applause. I felt that all of us sisters were included in their loud expression of gratitude.

Where one is we all are!

The celebration continued in the parish hall with an abundance of food, great music and great exchanges as many shared about their families.