Union: US Province Sister Petronilla Metzger Celebrates 75 Years of Vowed Life

Petronilla youngPetronilla olderSister Petronilla Metzger celebrated 75 years of vowed life as a Presentation Sister on June 25, 2016. Loyola Mary Metzger was born, the second of eleven children, on September 27, 1919, in Hannah, North Dakota. She attended country elementary schools and then attended North Dakota high school in Wales; St. Alphonsus High School, Langdon; and Sacred Heart Academy, Fargo, from which she graduated in 1939.

In 1939 she entered the novitiate of the Presentation Sisters and she made first profession in 1941. She has a bachelor’s in education from Dakota Agriculture College; a master’s in administration from Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska; a master’s in religious education from Seattle University, Seattle, Washington; and a certificate in theology from Regis College, Toronto. She also completed an internship in spiritual direction at the Cenacle Retreat House, Wayzata, Minnesota.

Her ministries included teaching at St. Anthony’s School, St. Mary’s School and Shanley High School, Fargo; principal at St. Alphonsus High School, Langdon; adult religious education coordinator, Langdon, Grand Folks and West Fargo; and spiritual director at Presentation Prayer Center. She spent 10 years at Riverview, where she organized the chaplaincy department, and she ministered as chaplain at Villa Maria, Fargo. Today she continues to be a presence in Presentation Prayer Center, Fargo.
She has served as president of the congregation, on the administrative team and as mistress of novices. She was an active member of the Leadership Council of Women Religious and participated in the North American Conference of Presentation Sisters.

Sister is an avid reader and enjoys music taking walks. She is a wisdom figure in her community and participates fully in the life and mission of the community. Sister Petronilla has a deep spiritual life and loves to discuss topics on spirituality. She always has input and worthwhile comments to add to every discussion.

We wish her many more years of life, love and happiness in the service of our God and in our community.