Union: US – St. Joseph School Mission Project for Ghana

Eighth Grade Mission Project

St. Joseph School, Upland, Calif.,  eighth grade has taken its first steps on an exciting adventure! The class decided this year, to help a primary school in Sampa, Ghana, by fundraising to complete small but necessary project the school needs in collaboration with Change the World of One (CWOO), a nonprofit organization that connects people who want to help with people who need help around the world.  The eighth grade has a unique opportunity to change the world of the students of this one primary school. SDA Primary School is a very poor, rural school lacking in most basic amenities. With the first installment of $85.00, SDA Primary was able to build three new desks, big enough for two students each. On the front of each desk the students wrote “Donated by St. Joseph School (USA).”

Hand in hand with the fundraising, the students from both schools will participate in a cultural exchange program. Already, the eighth grade students have received questions put to them by the SDA Primary students and have enthusiastically replied. Each month the sharing of questions and answers through writing, videos and photos will give both schools a peek into their different cultures. At the end of their eighth grade year, the students will have gained an incredible amount of knowledge, understanding and appreciation for a culture totally different from their own. They will have taken a special journey with children from the other side of the world, growing together while making an impact on their lives.