WINE: Women in the New Evangelization

The Aberdeen Presentation Sisters partnered with their local Catholic parishes and pastors to offer an Advent Reflection Day on December 1 – 2.  In anticipation and preparation for a joyful and hope-filled Advent, over 140 women attended the gathering where they listened and prayed with the theme, “Gaze Upon Jesus” with Mary in the Gospels. We Magnify the Lord with Mary for the Lord is doing wonderous deeds with and for us!

Aberdeen Presentation Sister Janet Schumacher and Cojourner Brenda Fouts were integral in planning this event.  Inspiring speakers included WINE foundress Kelly Wahlquist and Alyssa Bormes, who is an Aberdeen alum of the Presentation teachers in Aberdeen. Retreatants commented on the special day and inspiring event to begin the Advent season. One attendee stated, “I will always remember the acronym of JOY – Jesus first, Others second, Yourself third in line.”

WINE: Women in the New Evangelization, was created in 2017 by Kelly Wahlquist as she was inspired to teach and live the 2013 encyclical by Pope Francis, Joy of the Gospel