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Join us

Welcome! The Conference of Presentation Sisters represents hundreds of Presentation Sisters from seven congregations or provinces in North America. We invite you to learn more about our lives of prayer, community and mission. Please email any of the people listed below for more information and to connect with Presentation Sisters in a particular region.

Aberdeen, South Dakota

Contact: Sister Vicky Larson

Facebook @Presentation.Sisters.Aberdeen

LinkedIn @presentation-sisters-aberdeen

YouTube @presentationsisters

Dubuque, Iowa

Contact: Sister Jessi Beck

Facebook @dbqpbvms

Twitter @dbqpbvms

Instagram @dbqpbvms

YouTube @dbqpbvms

Pinterest @dbqpbvms

New Windsor, New York

Contact: Sister Mary Catherine Redmond

Facebook @PresentationSister

Instagram @presentationsistersnortheast

Union Presentation Sisters: Newfoundland and Labrador Unit

Contact: Sister Sandy Butler



Union Presentation Sisters:United States Unit
Contact: Sister Jocelyn Quijano
Twitter @PBVM_Sisters


San Francisco

To learn about how to become an associate please visit our website at: